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Hand Stretched Italian Pizza

Tremezzo Pizzeria

The taste of Italy

Italian Pizza Pie

We Knead the Dough

Don’t be confused, we aren’t looking for a financial donation. We mean at Tremezzo Pizzeria we hand press our own dough with fresh ingredients, just like they do in the old country. Ask anyone in Naples Italy and they will tell you. Cooking a memorable pizza starts with selecting the perfect ingredients to knead in your dough. Fresh ingredients, made with special attention to detail, cooked to perfection is the Tremezzo way.

100% Fresh Daily

Pizza Sauce


You can’t make a good pizza without fresh homemade sauce. The sauce you wake up early to get started, because it takes 6 hours to make. The sauce you fill with various meats, while slowly cooking at low temperatures to bring out flavor, even though the meats come out at the end. The sauce you have to stand by and lightly stir every 15 – 20 minutes so you can’t leave alone for the full 6 hours. The Sauce your grandparents will sometimes call gravy. That’s the type of sauce we put on our pizza at Tremezzo Pizzeria

Melted to perfection


Our fresh mozarella cheeses tops off the last crucial ingredient to making a delicious traditional Italian pizza pie. And if you enjoy cheese you are going to love Tremezzo Pizzeria. Our pizza pies are a union of a perfectly mixed cheeses blended to stitch together a truly memorable pizza. It’s an impeccable finale to a superbly blended mix of ingredients in one exceptional pizza.

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